Cloud Computing


Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is form of internet based computing by sharing compute processing resources and data with other devices based on demand increasingly large adoption worldwide by large amount of users, developers  and enterprises for their information and security based access, new cloud based application design and developed with continuous implement and deployments along with manage costs and infrastructure. Due to cost and resources usage befits compels Cloud Computing are widely accepted and enterprises are moving fast into it. Optimising cloud technologies can increase platform efficiency, operational flexibility, and business scale-ability, availability with security the potential to elevate businesses to the next level.

Our Cloud consulting, management and implementation offerings helps small, medium and  enterprises to take their next leap towards finding innovative ways to strategies and optimise their business services/operations, information access, application development and find new venues of market expansion opportunities.



Cloud Advisory & Assessment Cloud Build Deploy and Integrate Cloud Managed Services – Monitor, Maintain & Manage Cloud Optimization

Cloud Advisory & Assessment

Our Cloud Advisory & Assessment service will help you transform your business in to the cloud. Each of these services could be offered discretely or in a package, as per your requirement. These services provide an end to end integrated view across all your IT assets (Applications, Infrastructure, and Process) that might get impacted in your Cloud journey. Our Cloud Advisory & Assessment bouquet comprises the following services:

  • Cloud Maturity Model
  • Profiling & Runtime Management
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • ROI – Business Case

Cloud Build Deploy and Integrate

Transforming and migrating existing assets to the chosen “Right Cloud” and re-wiring them to keep business running as usual with better efficiency is an important aspect of getting ready for the cloud. Our Cloud Integration Services help you migrate in a seamless with non-intrusive ways. Our strong base on Enterprise Business Integration coupled with deep understanding of the Cloud Service Broker premise help you pave the way for Cloud Integration in your Enterprise. Some of the typical variations of the Build Deploy and Integrate journey is:

  • Migrate
  • Integrate
  • Proof of Concept

Cloud Managed Services – Monitor, Maintain & Manage

Post a successful transition of IT Assets to the Cloud, it is important to manage and maintain the same. Our provides a Cloud Managed Services which will monitor, manage and maintain all Applications and Infrastructure. The Key Service providers under the Cloud Managed Services hood are:

  • Orchestration
  • Metering
  • Automation
  • Self Service
  • IT-aaS

Cloud Optimization

Only Managing and maintaining will not engage the end users. Cloud Optimization Service is a unique driver of high quality user experience. Following are the services under this hood:

  • Augment Cloud Capacity
  • Transformation Projects