Data Science as a Service


Data Science as a Service

In Digital era exponential rise of data volume is not a surprise and that too using handheld devices making it happen multi-fold in no time. Due to digital smart devices data access and sharing information sharing is become easy. Due to smart devices and disruptive technologies together present a huge opportunity for startups and become a big challenge for enterprises. The importance fact about data science as a service is now evident as strong demand in market for data science consulting and it will continues to grow for next few years exponentially. Using digital era technologies disruptions big enterprises can increase their share-of-lead positively with their bottom lines by reducing revenue leakages, identifying and neutralising frauds by using advance business analytics and data science consulting solutions. Organisations can able to see growth on top line by increasing revenue, improving sales conversions, and enhancing customer experience by using Data Science.

Our data sciences consulting and business analytics solutions help our clients on

  • Using Data-driven approach by making business decisions
  • Finding Innovative ways to strategize and optimize operations with exploring new market opportunities.

Features & Benefits

Data Preparation and Cleanup  Statistical modelling, Algorithms and Business Insights  Business Insights realisation

Data Preparation and Cleanup 

Due to unprecedented data volume and variety data comes in various flavors like unstructured and structured format. Due this reason , Our data science services offering businesses the ability to analyse and gain insights from big data analysis though innovative methods of obtaining, importing, and processing data and storing it use for later. we use industry standard proprietary tools for data preparation, management and harmonisation.

Our data science as a service is taken care of:

  • Data exploration
  • Data cleaning
  • Data changing
  • Data shaping
  • Data publishing for analysis

Statistical modelling, Algorithms and Business Insights 

When we are doing data preparation and statistical modelling is considered to be the foundation of analytics, insight generation as the businesses looking for data science as a services. Actual insight generation process consists of collecting, organising, cleaning and retaining data based generating various analytics models and evaluating the analytics models for actionable business strategies.

Insight generation can used for:

  • Data mining
  • Business Model building
  • Driving Business insights

Business Insights realisation

Our data science as a services, we are using gained data insights for making informed decisions and taking corrective actions in real-time. While we deploying it the deployment process use to help our clients in the everyday decision making process and automating it, thus using the results of analytical models into big data environments.

  • Using insights to existing processes and systems to improve
  • Using continuous feedback process to collect results sets for new analytical implementation