Train Your Eyes (TRYe) is a new Indigenous Vision Therapy Software Product designed and developed by Digital Works Technologies Private Ltd., using the domain expertise of Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai.
Developed on latest technology platforms with the ability to run on PC, Laptops, Mobile & Tablets
Designed for clinic based and home based vision therapy

Train Your Eyes (TRYe) addresses a wide variety of
Binocular Vision dysfunctions
Accommodation dysfunctions
Eye movement disorders

Should we really bother about binocular vision?
Yes, Based on 2015 statistics – 3 out of 10 children, and 4 out of 10 computer users have some kind of binocular vision anomaly, The majority is of-course – Convergence insufficiency!

What is Unique about TRYe?
Has normative reference data specific to Indian patients
Tested on a large set of patients
Training provided for the eye care practitioners by expert Binocular vision practitioners prior to the delivery of TRYe
Simple training modules specific for child and adult
Compatible with all installation platforms
Very easy to handle by any tech-novice patient
Easy follow-up for the practitioner

What do we have to offer compared to what is existing?
Indigenous patient data
One program for diagnosis, therapy and follow-up
Dashboard with Practice management tools
Prescribing home therapy in a click
User friendly, Technical support
Any tech-novice person can operate the program